Automatic Garage Doors

Imagine the large luxury of getting close to your garage in the rain and the door beginning automatically at the touch of your remote control. Electric garage doors offer that convenience and mean you can forget about mad dashes in the torrential rain and no more struggling with a heavy, manual door.
All this luxury and convenience can be yours when you spend money on an Electric Garage Door with an programmed garage door opener. Individually created to your own specifications and requirements, an automatic garage door system offers you a lifetime of security, value – and peace of mind.

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Key Features

Roof Mounted Roller Box
Our automatic garage doors roll-up neatly into a rooftop mounted container.
Exterior Key Pad 
An extra way to open up and close your electric garage door.

Colourings and Combinations
A range of shades to co-ordinate with the design of your home.
CE Marking 

Quality and protection come as standard.

With our automated garage door openers, you are benefiting from years of experience designing and putting in electric automatic garage doors to a huge selection of different features, including a broad choice of complementary door shades and door features. Our experienced surveyors and installers have an abundance of product knowledge and installation experience to ensure that the electric garage door you need.
From the decision of high-strength, high quality materials used, to the design, the engineering and the motor of the garage door openers, all our electric garage doors meet the highest expectations of our customers. That"s because we"ve undertaken comprehensive research into what discerning home-owners like you want in an automated garage door. Then we"ve implemented the reviews into the design of our roll-up ranges to create the best garage doors.

Furthermore, our Home Office-approved electric garage door remotes are made to make your life easier with dual open and close keys that operate the doorways from up to 200 metres away.

Not surprising that Electric Garage Doors with handy remote-controlled garage door openers conform to the stringent health, safety and environmental safety benchmarks of the European CE Marking legislation.

With an Automatic Garage Door you get convenience, security and total peace of mind. Our remote controlled, electric garage doors are beautifully-designed, reliable and easy to fit. If you need more questions answered why not get in touch.