Garage doors are our specialty. We have an excellent team of engineers prepared to fit the garage door you need. Complete the contact form below to tell us your needs, or call us to set up an appointment.

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Garage Doors Installation in Mount Batten

Once a scheduled appointment has been set up one of our Mount Batten based installers will visit you for a free measure and review. You"ll also be able to see the colour and types of garage doors that meet your needs, as well as additional protection options.
Once you"ve chosen your door, the installation will be set up. The installation of a garage door will generally take a few hours, depending on the the specifications. We will remove and dispose of it when the installation is complete.
Automatic Garage Door in Mount Batten

Automatic Garage Doors in Mount Batten

Types of Garage Doors:

You can select from a number of garage doors depending on the size, the features and materials you need. See how each works below so you can choose the entranceway you need.One Piece – GRP (glass reinforced polyester) one part doorways need little maintenance compared to multi piece doorways, and are resilient. You can choose from a variety of colourings and styes of one piece doors to match the decor of your house. Fit a two shootbolt security lock, or opt for a handy remote control for added security.

Roller Doors – Generally made from aluminium, these roll up and curl into a drum when turned on. Ideal for saving space, these give full roof top space when opened and are controlled by remote as standard.

Sectional – designed in several parts, these garage doors save space by opening straight up, and do not take up space inside the garage when opened. These are typically made with well engineered steel, which is low maintenance and is very resilient

Automatic Garage Door in Mount Batten

Side| hinge – a vintage design, these garage doors open up from the side and can be opened either in the centre or with a one third/to thirds combo. Safety is dealt with with multi-bolt latches and/or a double throw deadbolt.

Should you have any additional questions about your garage door installation please use the contact area above and we"ll be pleased to offer additional advice.


Will an automated door fit my flat-roof single-bay garage?

Yes. Because they are tailor-made for each and every individual garage, an automated garage door will fit practically every situation. You will want to check how your garage measures up by calling us today for a no-obligation free quotation by one of our local design consultants.

What will the cost be for our 2.5 x 2.5m garage door?You can expect extremely competitive prices on all our garage doors however the final price will be based upon the specific requirements and the shape and configuration of your garage door opening. The best way to find out is to contact us for a free, no-obligation quotation by one of our experienced local design consultants. We are able to get the measurements your door in a few minutes and get you a free quotation the following day. In the event you decide to go ahead with an garage door, we can deliver and install it in a day – all with a free, no trouble, no quibble comprehensive five year guarantee.

Am I going to have to change my garage opening to fit a new automated garage door?

There is no rebuilding necessary. With regards to the size and shape of your current garage opening, along with roof height and available space between door top and roof. We should be able to install a completely automated, remote-controlled garage door in a day. To put your mind we suggest you book a local design specialist to measure your garage. Note your requirements and we will give you a free quotation within 24 hours.

I already have a manual up and over door for my garage – can you make it automated?

Installing a remote-controlled motor to a preexisting manual garage door will not deliver the huge great things about our garage doors. We advise that you dispense with your current set up and use a fully-automatic, remote-controlled system. Only then can you benefit from the convenience and enhanced security, weatherproofing and aesthetics inherent in our selection of products. If you e mail us today, we can get an approved design specialist in your area to call back and offer a free, no-obligation quotation. We are confident you"ll be amazed how cost-effective our automatic garage door installations are.

I already have an automated garage door system however the door itself needs upgrading – can you do that?

A door is the key part of your complete, tailor-made automated electric garage door system that combines advanced design and motor unit technology with solid construction and enduring looks to meet your specific requirements. Consequently, we"d advise that you use a total solution to get all the great things about trustworthiness, security and remarkable convenience. Why not contact us and book a free, no-obligation study to reassure you of the value-for-money options.

How long will it take to install a door on my dual garage?

Once a surveyor in your area has inspected your garage and noted your requirements, we can book an installer to deliver the system and mount your garage door in a day. The installation is undertaken quickly, neatly and proficiently by a professional, trained installer in your area. You have no trouble or fuss and, by the end of the day, you will be benefiting from a beautiful new, remote-controlled automated garage door. Why not call us now for a free, no-obligation quotation.